I picked wildflowers during my walk (the luck to be born in a small town in the Tuscan countryside!), and I used to observe them for hours before pressed and preserve them as the most significant treasure.

At that time, I didn’t know that flowers would become an essential part of my life or, better, my everyday life, friends of marvelous adventures!

Never boring, never intrusive, but witnesses of beautiful feelings.

Looking back, I can see how so much of my life was prepare me for this passion that became my career. During my adolescence, I created florals giveaway for my mum and my best friends; small bouquets with flowers from my garden, crown of daisies, or herbarium. It was so funny!

I continued to develop these skills throughout high school and university, helping friends who were getting married. I created a personalized floral project based on their personalities, playing with different textures, colors, combo, and decorative stuff. Every time it was so exciting!

After my graduation in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Siena, I got a master degree in Interior Design with my sights set on pursuing a career in floral and interior design.

In 2013 I opened my own business, a small floral boutique, where I selected the most beautiful and unique flowers combined with exclusive home decorations for my clients.

Where is your showroom located?

What can we see in your showroom?

We are based in the heart of Tuscany, precisely in Arezzo, close to Siena and Florence. We will be more than happy to welcome you here!

We have a vast selection of all the materials we can use for your wedding: candleholders, lanterns, vases, pots, and so on.

You can touch and choose them accordingly to the style of your event. We will guide you through this process!

Is it possible to see a mock-up of a centerpiece?

When should we contact you?

I’d be happy to create a table's mock-up with flowers and candles.

This is an additional service and the quote will be provided on request.

What do you need from the client to start preparing a proposal?

We suggest to contact us 12-10 months before the wedding day to get more chances in terms of our availability (especially on Saturdays).

Right question! Initially, we need to have an idea about your favorite style and color palette. Inspirational pictures and boards are more than welcome to understand your preferences better.

Do you have packages or a price list?

What is your payment schedule?

Oh no, we hate packages! LOL!

We always work on a personalized proposal based on clients' preferences, and we create and put together a floral design for them.

Every wedding for us is unique, and we are so passionate about flowers and creativity that we want to design always new concepts.

Can we have a video chat during the organization process?

We ask for a 30% deposit of the total amount to confirm our service, but sometimes we just ask for a small forfeit deposit to block our service and go through details and quantities in a second moment. Balance is due 20 days before the wedding by bank transfer or credit card.

Absolutely yes! We can have Skype or zoom calls, and you can reach us by WhatsApp and obviously by email.

Ashley and Thomas


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