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Welcome to the heart of Flowersliving, where each bloom and design is a testament to our team’s dedication and love for flowers.

At Flowersliving, we believe our strength lies not just in our skills, but in the close-knit bond we share as a family. Each member of our team brings their unique competence, creativity, and passion to what we do , making every arrangement more than just a bouquet—it’s a piece of art infused with warmth and care.

Meet Our Floral Family:

  • Marta, the Visionary Founder & Lead Designer: Marta’s passion for flowers goes beyond their beauty; she sees the potential in every petal. With years of experience, she guides the team with a steady hand and an innovative mind, ensuring that every design carries a touch of magic.
  • Maurizio, the Master Executive Florist : Highly experienced and skilled florist who not excels in the artistic and technical aspects of floristry but also possesses strong leadership and management skills. Leading and managing a team of florists and support staff, providing training and mentorship and ensuring the team delivers high-quality work that meets or exceeds clients expectations.
  • Marco , the Wholesale Flowers Manager : Marco is specialized in purchasing the best quality flowers. His primary responsibility is to source and procure flowers from growers and suppliers to meet the demands of the client. Marco is always informed about trends in flowers availability, new varieties and pricing fluctuations. He oversees the logistic of flowers delivery from suppliers to the warehouse and ensure proper storage conditions to maintain freshness until the flowers are delivered to the final client.
  • Chiara , the project manager and Client Relationship Assistant : Chiara is a combo of communicative, creative and organizational skills. Effective communication with clients is crucial for understanding their needs and preferences, as well as ensuring their satisfaction with the floral design project. She collaborate with the client in every aspect of the floral project planning together with Marta, bringing their floral design vision to life.
  • Fabrizio, the Warehouse Manager : Fabrizio is responsible for materials concerning the realization of wedding floral setups, such as candles holders, vases, and other accessories, would need a specific set of skills tailored to managing inventory and logistics for these items. He maintains and organizes warehouse layout to facilitate easy access to items and efficient storage. This includes categorizing items, labeling shelves and implementing systems for inventory tracking. Fabrizio coordinates the movement of meterials to and from the warehouse, processing orders and arranging deliveries to the event venues.